Jan 2, 2009

_the sit on sofa_

lots of thing happend to us lately.. we fight,we made up,we mad at each other,and so on.. well,act,this thing still going on,but i fell that we can survive this fierce battle.. haha quite cheesy rite? and,suddenly,on a very hot nite,my fren msj me...

''yan,nway jus 2 tel u. i got an inspiration frm u 2.so i made one song in 'honour' of u n uz.title,mlm,bulan dan bintang..dlm mgu ni ak rakam.nway,i got my 1st showdis 2hb. check out my myspace www.myspace.com/thesitonsofa.tc''

well,what can i say?

*wink* :)

thanz ryu!

_the sit on sofa!_

p/s: that girl is ainu,my bez fren.. huhu

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