Jul 30, 2010

blow your mind.

oke. this is a pop-quiz my lecturer gave to us to figure it out in around 30 min or so.
i find it very exciting, and very cool to solve it.
it just like playing sudoku. ;)
so get a pen and paper, write it down and please tell me the answer.
siapa dapat jawab, akan ku berikan hadiah!.

ini serius ok?

and please,kawan sama UiTM,tolong jangan nak jawab plak oke? :)

1. There are five houses, each in with a front door of a different color, and inhabited by people of different nationalities, with different pets and drinks. Each person eats a different kind of food.

2. The Australian lives in the house with the red door.

3. The Italian owns the dog.

4. Coffee is drunk in the house with the green door.

5. The Ukrainian drinks tea.

6. The house with the green door is immediately to the right (your right) of the house with the ivory door.

7. The mushroom-eater owns snails.

8. Apples are eaten in the house with the yellow door.

9. Milk is drunk in the middle house.

10. The Norwegian lives in the first house on the left.

11. The person who eats onions lives in the house next to the person with the fox.

12. Apples are eaten in the house next to the house where the horse is kept.

13. The cake-eater drinks orange juice.

14. The Japanese eats bananas.

15. The Norwegian lives next to the house with the blue door.

and the question is : WHO DRINKS WATER AND WHO OWNS ZEBRA?

so,siapa yang dapat jawab ni?

**owh dammit. bila saya check balik,there's something wrong my explanation in class. jawapan betul,cuma cara salah. no wonder i cant explain it to youguys in class. ergh! memalukan!

Jul 29, 2010


aku bukan lah seorang yang sangat super duper cerewet.
usually,apa yang aku pakai dan barang- barang aku sangat simple.
bak kata kawan aku, aku sangat sempoi.

and sometimes, too sempoi.
ada ke terms "too sempoi"?

tapi, agak berkira bab makanan.

one thing about being in uni, you can't be too choosy about what you eat.
but i rather starve than stuffed my stomach with something i hate.

nak kata memilih sangat tidak lah.
tapi AGAK. camne nak cerita tu ha?

dalam banyak-banyak makanan yang paling aku anti,

seriously guys, camne korunk boleh makan sesuatu yang rasa macam minyak angin?

tak sedap! tak sedap! tak sedap!
-insert muka menjengkelkan disini-

*this hate feeling leads too me not eating the cough syrup.
and got scolded for it.

Jul 24, 2010


like obefiend,i do have my malas day.

no new post in days,
just checking out others' blogs.


its annoying you know.

Jul 3, 2010

draw with me...

it's about a girl and a boy separated by an unbreakable glass.
the song is beautiful.