Jan 31, 2010

short story #1

24 mei 08

pertama kali saya nampak awak,saya berazam untuk cuba menjadi yang terbaik untuk awak. awak pun berazam untuk bersama selamanya dengan saya. indah nya saat itu..

27 jan 10

awak,kenapa awak jadi camni? kenapa awak dah berubah? dulu,kita selalu bersama kan? sehati sejiwa. bersama selamanya. tapi sekarang,awak pergi. awak tinggalkan saya. kenape? dulu awak kata sayalah cinta hati awak selamanya? awak siap buat post untuk saya kan? dulu awak kata awak akan sayangkan saya tanpa berbelah bahagi? tapi sekarang tengok camne?? nape awak madukan saya?? awak dah lukakan hati saya awak tahu tak??

28 jan 10

awak pinggirkan saya. semuanya kerana DIA!! saya benci dia. saya tahu saya dah tua,dah tak sihat. saya faham wak. faham sangat-sangat. saya tahu saya selalu susahkan awak. asyik sakit,susahkan awak hantar saya ke hospital. saya faham awak. tapi saya masih tak boleh terima semua ini.

*dia kan penyebab cinta kita terhalang??? :'( *

30 jan 10

sejak dua tiga hari ni,awak tak tegur saya langsung. awak asyik berkepit dengan dia je. awak tak ingat ke kenangan dan memori kita bersama? saat-saat indah dahulu? erm? dah lupa? awak memang kacang lupakan kulit. siaplah. kalo saya mati nanti saya akan hantui awak. biar awak termimpi-mimpi tentang saya. hahahahahahahahaha~~

yang akan menghantuimu,

sony ericsson w850i.

Jan 29, 2010

roti roti spesies baru

*click for larger view*

sape tahu secret ingredient untuk roti jantan??
this is totally LMAO.

Jan 25, 2010

dream guy

My dream guy? Dari aku kecik lagi,aku selalu terbayang tentang lelaki impian aku. Aku bayangkan dia mestilah seorang yang tinggi, putih, specky, and cool. And yes,I did found one in my junior school. Since trah may know him,so I wouldn’t reveal my secret here. Haha

But still,dari kecik aku bayangkan lelaki impian aku macam tu. Lelaki yang tinggi,putih,specky. I dun know why he has to be specky,but for me,specky == cool and mysterious and so and so... why mysterious? because mysterious looks cool. tenang dalam apa jua keadaan. macam Ryu Amakusa. or in another word, matang. nampak macho kan lelaki matang?

Die mestilah gagah dan jantan (ok,I know the word ‘jantan’ is quite funny but that’s how I describe it. lolz). badan kalo boleh nak yg ketak ketak. Bukan macam Malik Nor, tapi biasa2 je sudey. ala,yg ada 6-packs tu.. lolz. And most definitely, my dream guy will come and rescue me from any harm. Owh,so macho~~~

My dream guy will probably get into some sport like football or rugby or anything. So hint for the boys, girls do love guys who into sports, right girls?? No matter how ugly you are, you still look cool and macho in those sweats and on the fields. Hehe it’s a bonus if you succeed in it too. Lolz.

Contoh? Hurm,I would say Brad Pitt. No, not zaquan adha eventho he is quite charming. But a lil bit too jambu for me. Hahaha Val Kilmer is nice too. That is before he got fat,ok? I really love him in Batman Forever and The Saint. Another great example is Dean Cain. He is awesome in Superman. Lolz. Notice both of the guys were from superheroes movies? Yes,it shows that they are truly MACHOO!! Lolz lolz.

the ever awesome dean cain.

val kilmer.
yes,i'm an old-timer.

Yes, I could say a thousand words on how I want my man should be. I could describe a thousand ways of my fantasies. But still, Yus is the best. Why?

Because he is real.

He is real because he do have weakness. He is real when he does cry. He is real when he does mad at me. He is real when he does feel jealousy. Eventho he never tall, never fair and never cool, he is perfect in my eyes.

To tell you the truth,i do despise him at our first sight. and as you all know, we've been classmates for two years. and you could say that i hate him. yela, bising sangat dalam kelas. memekak je.lolz. he always makes stupid jokes that i kindda hate. he's never been in my list of dream guys. but,eventually,fate has their certain ways and indeed i fell in love with him. before we were official,i called him ''mr nice guy''. well,i guess that name fits him completely.

He always felt bitter about life. The way he thinks, the way he speaks. He loses him temper so quick you don’t get to say anything. He has lots of acne in his face, and always complains about it. He cares about his scooter more than me once, but he sold it off (haha!). And most importantly, he loves me more than anything in the world. He cared bout me more than anyone else. He listens to me when nobody heard me. He wipes me tears and be with me.

And yes, I do love him with all my heart, all my soul.

Happy third anniversary dear. time does fly quickly huh?

p/s : seems like january is the month of love for me. too many posts about love. sorry guys! *bow down*

Jan 21, 2010

my wishlist (edited)

dear,since my birthday is coming,
(i know its a long way to go,but still....)
i would like to have a wishlist.
its my greatest hope to get this.
but as you know,i'm damn broke.
so please dear honey sugar,please grant my wishlist.
1) i would kill to have you luffy.

or shanks. it will do too.

2) boots boots boots.

i still crave for them. please,i can't bear it anymore.

this is like the-must -have for me. so cute.!

hey,i could wear this baju melayu in friday you know. *lolz*

you can find them here.

3) books. that's my new addiction right now.

(p/s : i never once have a bm novel b4,
but hlovate really makes me wanna but them.
tapi malangnya,perasaan tu belum kuat lagi untuk buat
aku kuarkan duit dan membeli novel tersebut. )

so could anybody be kind enough to splurge me with money and let me have this?

please please pretty please. *begging* T.T

Jan 11, 2010

mark haddon

i found this book in someone's tumblr,i googled it and thought it was quite interesting.

so yesterday,i bought it.
never heard of mark haddon before,
so i thought,
''hey,why dun we just give it a try nay?''
*ok,i didnt really said it like that,but,sort of.

Soibhan said that the book should begin with something to grab people's attention.
that's why i started with the dogs.
she said that it was usually people who were killed in murder mystery novels.
i said that two dogs were killed in The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Jan 6, 2010

21 guns

Dear. Happy birthday.

I miss you ever so much. How should I say it in words?

I miss your smile, I miss your laugh, I miss your hands, I miss your smell, I miss our small talk, I miss your complaint about life, I miss your anger, I miss everything about you.

I want to blow candle with you, I want to wish you happy birthday, I want to feed you with cakes, I want to sing you song. And most importantly, I want to hear your voice.

You are now 21.

*can I wish for you to come home?

the smiths - please please please let me get what i want

Jan 3, 2010

did you watch sherlock holmes?

like it?
if you do,i'm sure you love this.

Plans are on the way to film the sequel to Sherlock Holmes and word has it that Brad Pitt will be involved!

With a healthy earning of US$65 million in its opening weekend, the studio has given the greenlight to a sequel and director Guy Ritchie wants to cast Brad as Professor Moriarty.

Popeater's Rob Shuter reports, "The director loves Brad. He has worked with him before and thinks he is one of the most underrated actors working today. Guy knows that everyone thinks of as a Pitt as a pretty boy and can't wait to turn him into the world's greatest supervillain. It will definitely make the sequel a must-see."

source from galaxieblog

p/s : i love Brad Pitt. i love Robert Downey Jr. this is a must watch sequel in 2010. can't wait!!!