Dec 3, 2012

Big Bad Wolf is back bitches

Big Bad Wolf is back!

Aku tak percaya cepat gila masa berlalu and now, here he comes! Okey, first for introduction, what is Big Bad Wolf? Bid Bad Wolf is super awesome events where they sell books for 80-90% off their real prices. The real owner of BBW also owns BookXcess. 

BookXcess has the same concept however, it is not mass produced as BBW. The prices are lower than average bookstores (still cheap, you could get books for rm20+ when all the other bookstores sell those at rm30++). I went there before and I must say I’m quite satisfied. Not good at explaining so check The Malaysian Reader’s blog and see for yourself. 

Okey. Back to BBW. 

Since I went there before, I feel obligated to give a few tips for those who wanted to go. There’s a few thing you could do before going to BBW. As one would say, a battle will be lost without a proper preparation. 

Before going :

  1. You have to know that there’s thousands (in fact, BBW announce it will be MILLIONS) of books there. Nak tak nak mesti rambang mata. With all those cheap prices, who could resist? So kena prepare dulu buku apa nak dengan surf website BBW : . The website gives nothing but the title of the name and the writer. So kalau nak tengok buku ni best ke tidak, do like what I did. 

i.                  Surf for any books that might catch your eyes.

The Boy Who Could See Demon? Interesting….

ii.                   Got your title? Then surf into and search for your book.

iii.                  Interested? Put it in a list so that you won’t forget.

Easy peasy. But you have to remember, there are thousands of books that are not listed in here. So be prepared to spend some more money than you budget. Who knows what you will find there.

2. Wear your battle outfit. No high heels or anything that made you uncomfortable. Remember, you are going to a battle. Long hours of hunting and possibility of pushing through a lot of people just browse some books.

3. Bring big case (or roller bag, anything you fancy). Because after paying they’ll give you this cheap (easily rip) plastic bag and you’ll need something tougher than that to hold you books. Well if you are going by car then it’s no problem. But for me who gonna use the public transportation, I might wanna be more careful about this. Taknak la nanti buku rosak pulak kan

During the battle:

1. While you are browsing for books, please please please be nice to other people. You have to remember that other people wanted the books in a nice condition too. Too many people browse around for books, and then THEY GOT GREEDY. They take every book possible and then when they decided not to buy them, they just put it somewhere else. Susah sangat ke nak bagi kat staff yang ada. KAN KE SUSAH UNTUK ORANG LAIN AMEK BUKU TERSEBUT? KENAPA SELFISH SANGAT?!

And the other thing is, bila browse buku, tak reti nak letak buku tu balik elok-elok. I mean come on. That’s the reason why I didn’t want to go on weekends. I’m expecting to see people who touch every book and then placed it wrongly. Abes terlipat-lipat buku tu. I probably end up as BBW staffs, handling the books and placing them back.

2. Last year, when I went to BBW for the first time, I was so overwhelmed for the massive cheap books and I grab every book possible. (I’m GUILTY AS CHARGED). So eventually your books won’t be enough. As a solution,  the smart wolf provides a counter and boxes, for us to drop our books there and continue hunting other books.

 Picture courtesy from here

And lastly, happy hunting! I wish you the best hunting possible and may the rest of your life (until the next BBW) be filled with books and excitement! :D