Oct 29, 2009

these boots are made for walking... lalala

Argh! Just check the latest cleo n stunned by these smashing new booties. Cantiknya boots ni. Cantik sgt. Kalo ada duit ni mmg dah bli. Totally awesome. Funky, edgy but still feminine. Serious cute sgt.

Aku try bukak cleo.com tok amek gamba boots tu,but then cam hampa ckit ar. Coz web die not fully utilize and macam ntah pape pun de gak. Quite disappointed. Coz cleo is my favorite mag. Aku dulu de gak kumpul remaja,but then it gets boring. So boring that I yawned at every page. Haha. Neway,lets not get out of pint here.

Boots yang aku tgk semua cute n best. As I said before, funky, edgy but still feminine. And satu lagi yang aku minat. Sneaker heels. Look,even Leighton Meester wears it!

ske ske ske ske ske ske ske ske ske!!
probs is,harga die sgt mahal!!!
nk soh yus beli. *evil laugh*
these boots are made for walking... lalala~~~


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kAy's said...

not my taste..
suh ja yus bli..