Jun 27, 2009

minutes away

hye people. now i'm minutes away from entering new world. haha~ cheesy. not much to say as this week i keep bumping my ass at trah's bike. adoiyai. very itchy when you were sitting on bike for quite a time. lagi2 vibrate time ada belang2 kuning yg tebal atas jalan (*note,jalan ni de kat depan smksp). dah la gatal,xley nak garu lak tu. cit. have to setel everything by myself now. sedey gak coz tyme medical check up kne g sesorg,as everyone else was accompanied by someone. xpela. dah besar kan? ahaks!

wat else wat else? oh yes. went to the movies today. to watch TRANSFORMERS! wit kak nona. she got free tickets,thanz to her biggest bro. hehe before that,pegi jmp yus dulu. xsempat jumpe lme2. sedih gak la. hope he's doing fine. owh,gonna miss him so much after this. i really do.

kak nona and me

the free movie passes

next,to klcc. siyezly,this is one of the movies yg buat aku xdok diam,asyik nk berdebar je. very awesome! action-packed from beginning. great storyline,marvelous cgi and of course handsome shia le beouf. ske kat die since even steven g. hehe.this movie is way batter than terminator 4, which is for me too cliche and boring. aku siap nguap g tyme tgk terminator. and christian bale doesnt attract me. so,senang kire,g ah tgk transformer. haha

enuff wit the movie review. neway,something happens at the cinema that makes me wanna start an angry mob. anyway,it already started. ada ke patut,tgh2 climax cite, ley lak movie tu stop and lights are on. sume mcm 'eehh..ape ni??!!' ok,maybe tecnical difficulty. its ok la. but then the movie started back at nowhere. tau2 je dah abes. aku igt g, tyme tu optimus ngah nk tarik pale si fallen,kalo xsilap. pastu,ley plak yg tukang jaga wat mke innocent,dgn tak explen nye kat kitorg, and suddenly pintu dah bukak. mcm nk halau je. asem tol. kak nona pun panas la. me too actually. bazir la tiket tu,eventhough technically kitorg pay nothing. tembak nye tembak en. afiq (yg jaga wayang tyme tu) tersebut, kami pun blah.

the angry mob

oleh kerna kak nona ngidam cawan transformers,kami pun patah balik ke tgv. tau2 je,kat sne dah ada sort of angry mob yg nakkan perjelasan dr diorg. yala,we pay for a good movie,and this is wat we get? cam xpuas ati la. then the manager call sume yg xpuas ati td. i was happy at first. igtkan dapat la tgk blk scene yg xdpt tgk tu. tau2 je,manager die mara2. die cakap die xmara,but then the way he's talking and yelling mcm kitorg lak yg salah. the a guy from singapore asked him,asal lak nk mara kitorg ni?? fights n fights happens. aku xde la mara sgt senonye,just dissatisfy. but the way manager handle this stuff,is soo unprofessional. anyway anyhow, customer always rite. so senyum je la. npe nk kne mara2. we don't want to know what's your problem,we just want to see the scene we missed. tu je. tp die mcm xfaham2. marah staff die. what for? aiyoyo.

the golden ticket.

after fighting and angry noises here and there,we finally get money back. now that's what i call a money back guarantee. ahaks. oleh kerna kami pakai free passes,xdpt la duit blk. tp dpt staff free passes. cam2 la lebey kurang. boleyla encik. so,ada movie yg ley tgk lagi ni. de spe2 nk ikut?

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