Jun 21, 2009

going away

owh,i'm on hiatus for next few weeks.
dun miss me guys.
i know you will.
neway,i will be at shah alam,
in hope of pursuing what i believe,
and trying to reach new dream.

new dreams?
people can change.
dreams too.
and please hope i do stay the way i am.
coz i dont want to change.
for the good,well,yeah,but somehow no.
i love me,just the way i am.
not a narcissist.
maybe just afraid.
very afraid.
a lil bit excited too.
xtau lah!

yg penting,die dah nk pergi.
awak awak.
kalo awak xpegi boleh x?
please. please. please.
pretty please.

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