Apr 23, 2009

who am i?

Your personality type:

People-oriented and fun-loving, they make things more fun for others by their enjoyment. Living for the moment, they love new experiences. They dislike theory and impersonal analysis. Interested in serving others. Likely to be the center of attention in social situations. Well-developed common sense and practical ability.

Careers that could fit you include:

Actors, painters, comedians, adult entertainers, sales representatives, teachers?!, counselors, social workers, child care, fashion designers, interior decorators, consultants, photographers, musicians, human resources managers, clerical supervisors, coaches, factory supervisors, food service workers, receptionists, recreation workers, religious educators??, respiratory therapists.

comment comment.

i do live for the moment,coz i dont want to waste my time for something i dont appreciate.

weel,ryu said i do like to be the centre of attention.. hurm.

others,no comment.

confuse of what i gonna do next.

actress? no.

painters? i dont have the talent.

comedians, adult entertainers, sales representatives?? give me a break.

photographers? i dun know..

god,i wish i know what to do with my life.

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