Apr 26, 2009

heart vintage~

owh well.. now im kindda got a craze for vintage.. just all vintage clothes,just for the skirts.


dun mind u guys were laughing,coz i do noe how to wear a skirt. i'm a girl,remember?

never mind all that.. this online shopping is quite fun actually.. been searching for a cute skirts that u could pair up for a really nice clothes.. know what? i'm gonna tell the truth.. the truth is,i'm searching for a skirt that u could use in a very sweet picnic. the one that pleaded,and kindda flow when u swirl in a middle of lake.. and when u sit,it kindda,how do i say it, open up a lil bit.. ok,i'm starting to have my stupid imagination here.. u get the picture rite?

ok,now back to the skirt. i've been wandering around,and i do found the skirts that i actually do like.. dont know bout u guys, but it kindda look sweet. i guess. gosh,i really suck at this~~

either this one,

or this one?

which one is better? choose for me please~~ i'm dying here~~~

owh,by the way,got this stuff at http://klasikchenta.blogspot.com/
go check it out,if u do have interest in vintage.


mc said...

white one with peach skirt.

fun_na said...

aku rase yg second tuh ok..sweet skit. ^_^

Ainu Shazwani said...

dear,1st one better kot.
nampak vintage.
nak mix n match pon sng.

azyan azilah said...

owh,thanz2 for ur opinion~~~~
really appriciate it~
nnt kalo aku nk mix n match, mmg kne tanya korunk dlu..

signisafwa said...

i think da white one is better.peach tu nampak macam kain dalam or like kain baju tido.huhu..besides,white can go with almost every colour.