Apr 26, 2010


aku baru belajar mendownloading movie thru thepiratesbay.org (credit to kak dila. lolz) and it was so fun! so,inilah review tentang movie yg aku download. oh ya,aku akan download movie yg tak famous, movie yang tak kuar wayang dan movie yang menang award. kalo korunk ada suggestion tentang movie pe yg best, please tell me kay? *wink wink*

Brick. I don’t know how I should start.

It was great, it was exciting, it was anticipating. Brick adalah antara filem indie yang cool, dark investigation movie, set up in high school somewhere in California.

Brick adalah kisah mengenai Brendan, played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, yang menyiasat tentang kehilangan bekas awek die. He is an outsider, never mixed up with high- schooler. Bekas awek Brendan, Emily masuk dalam high society and get tangled up with drug-dealer. Emily dibunuh, dan Brendan needed to know what happened to her.

Cerita ni best and complex in a certain way. At first I couldn’t understand it either. I was searching for a review, a simple explanation on what this movie was, so that I can prepare myself. (yeah I do that sometimes.) The reviews keep saying that this was a good movie. The critic loves it, but not the audiences.

I had the same kind of after-movie-effect feeling that I got after watching ‘V for Vendetta’. I was curious, I want to know, I want to find things that I don’t understand. The dialogues were heavy. You really need to focus on what they were saying, or else you never get to understand a thing. I watched this movie twice and I even search their script on IMDB coz I need to know. Haha. That is how tangled up I am with this movie. It was great actually. Once you found out what really happened, who is their culprit, why he did that, you gained some kind of satisfaction.

Macam Que cakap dalam Papadom, “misteri itu macam bawang ye. Bila kita kupas satu persatu, kita dapat yang indah.“ lolz

So if you asked me, I don’t really suggest you guys to watch this movie, unless you are into mysterious, heavy-dialogue kind of movie, which I am. If you watched this movie and enjoyed it, I guess it was something worth being proud of.

p/s : now I do see Gordon as someone to be admired at. Because he was so good in this shit.

p/s/s : title movie ni, 'brick' means a block of heroin, compressed roughly to a size of a brick.


Sarah Alia Shahrim said...

klo nak trusted torrent, tpi low quality ckit ah (cam 700+mb tpi below 1gb) try gne aXXo nyer torrent. slalulnye link torrent tu ade word axxo. tpi klo gne tpb, kne hati2 la,
virus blambak

bak kate some1, klo brg free, xleh complain kan :D

Othman Juliana said...
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azyan azilah said...

oo. xpe. pakai bitcomet dlu. kalo xpuas hati baru belajar pakai yg len. haha

Othman Juliana said...

you are such a 'copy' of Kak June :D
Always do some homework on the movie/story. Me, ala-pi je check review kat Mac Front Row-ingat?

azyan azilah said...

kak june cam2 ke? ala,alang2 de internet ni,bukak la skali. it caught my eyes to do a research about it. great story always worth the energy wasted. haha

Adyla said...

yan nak! nak sekarang jgk! joseph gordin levitt tu yg berlakon 10 things i hate about u and 30 seconds to mars pnya comedy ke apa..he's cute!! nak nak!! hehe xde credit ke org yg ajar..hahahaha kidding ;p download jgn x download..hehe

azyan azilah said...

bukan '30 seconds to mars' la kak dila. yg tu band. yg joseph berlakon ni '3rd rock from the sun'. hehe die memang cute gile. dalam 500 days of summer pun die berlakon gak. hehe

Othman Juliana said...

oh ya, when u are back-i nak copy je semua cite yang you download. skang bit busy doing revision-benggong sat. oho!