Jan 21, 2010

my wishlist (edited)

dear,since my birthday is coming,
(i know its a long way to go,but still....)
i would like to have a wishlist.
its my greatest hope to get this.
but as you know,i'm damn broke.
so please dear honey sugar,please grant my wishlist.
1) i would kill to have you luffy.

or shanks. it will do too.

2) boots boots boots.

i still crave for them. please,i can't bear it anymore.

this is like the-must -have for me. so cute.!

hey,i could wear this baju melayu in friday you know. *lolz*

you can find them here.

3) books. that's my new addiction right now.

(p/s : i never once have a bm novel b4,
but hlovate really makes me wanna but them.
tapi malangnya,perasaan tu belum kuat lagi untuk buat
aku kuarkan duit dan membeli novel tersebut. )

so could anybody be kind enough to splurge me with money and let me have this?

please please pretty please. *begging* T.T


Sirr said...

yan...aku nak luffy gak!!!zoro tak de?
haha..kalo dapat kumpul satu set geng luffy..aku cukup satisfied...

azyan azilah said...

zoro de,nami ada,usopp de,robin pun de.ko click la kat link tu.

yang xde sanji,franky,chopper dgn brooke.

yang aku pelik tu,asal sanji dgn chopper xde. padahal diorg tu kire dah lama la gak compare robin. geram aku. nak chopper!!!