Jan 11, 2010

mark haddon

i found this book in someone's tumblr,i googled it and thought it was quite interesting.

so yesterday,i bought it.
never heard of mark haddon before,
so i thought,
''hey,why dun we just give it a try nay?''
*ok,i didnt really said it like that,but,sort of.

Soibhan said that the book should begin with something to grab people's attention.
that's why i started with the dogs.
she said that it was usually people who were killed in murder mystery novels.
i said that two dogs were killed in The Hound of the Baskervilles.


Iezati Najlaa said...

woot, new book.
dh beli ke?

azyan azilah said...

dah. dan dah abes baca.

sangat kool dan fun cerita die.
sila baca juga. lolz