Jan 6, 2010

21 guns

Dear. Happy birthday.

I miss you ever so much. How should I say it in words?

I miss your smile, I miss your laugh, I miss your hands, I miss your smell, I miss our small talk, I miss your complaint about life, I miss your anger, I miss everything about you.

I want to blow candle with you, I want to wish you happy birthday, I want to feed you with cakes, I want to sing you song. And most importantly, I want to hear your voice.

You are now 21.

*can I wish for you to come home?

the smiths - please please please let me get what i want


signisafwa said...


cam isteri yang menunggu kepulangan suami lak.hahah.

mien said...

huhuhu.sweet sweet sweet..
sabar ekh...
kim slm yus :)

azyan azilah said...

saf,tak sama weyh. kalo die hubby aku,lagi menderita tau. haha

min,thanz. ko takmo wish kat yus gak ke? haha