Jan 6, 2011

the upside of being me

..is having you.

Do you know how much it means to me for you to be born in this world?

Thank you for being there in my life.
Thank you for all those love you gave me.
Thank you for all those smiles and tears.
Thank you for all sweets moments we had.
Thank you for all fights that we've been into, and making me a better person.
Thank you for believing in me.
Thank you for trusting me.

and most important,thank you for being born.
I'm forever grateful.

Happy sweetest 22nd birthday.
Love you so much.


azam baizen said...

menusuk kalbu !

Ainu Shazwani said...

gile tangkap jiwang.ahaha!

azyan azilah said...

jiwang mode on la y'all! haha