Feb 22, 2010

my stand on percy jackson


1. cool myth about greek goddess.

2. awesome graphic especially when percy fight
with i-cant-remember-who at rooftop. kewl.

3.lets go to highway to hell!! yeargh. lolz


1. fag + gay looking centaur. Pierce Brosnan looked stupid.
*i did saw centaur in narnia,but this is
worst looking centaur ever. like,euw.

2. flying sneaker? come onn..

3. "you have to stay with him because his strong
can cover up your blood smell" or sort of.
wtf? can you came up with better excuse than that?

4. how the fuck did son-of-hell messenger could steal
the lighting from ever great zeus?
it doesnt make sense at all.

5. loose storyline. too many mistake here
and there. the idea is there,
but it doesnt look convincing.

6. did i mention pierce brosnan look gay?
owh yeah i did.


Othman Juliana said...

ntah le dik, for me-ok je (kot??)
or mybe sbb kak nona pi tgk dgn 'hati berbunga'-jd, rasa best je la~ haha!

ps. yes dik, i know,.. huhu

Adyla said...

hehehehe k.dila suka! cause it's really funny plus die nya hero cute! hik! ;p

azyan azilah said...

bahaya kak nona ni.. jangan difikir2.. nnt lagi teringat..

kak dila,hero die agak cute la,tp kite expect cerita superhero yg lagi awesome. coz poster die nmpk hebat. hahaha

**mmg kite tergelak2 pun tgk pierce brosnan and flying sneakers. lolz**