Feb 1, 2010

221B Baker Street

aku selalu jadi peminat kepada kisah misteri. even my great first love was to ''penyiasat remaja hajime kindaichi''. and all of them told stories about how great Sherlock Holmes are. it makes me excited to watch the movie in last December.

but,to tell the truth,i have never ever read any of Holmes's stories. i never knew who he was,how he uncover the truth,his style. nope. i didnt even know any of that. thats why i was kindda shock to read the review of Sherlock Holmes (2009) in Rotten Tomatoes . i didnt know that Robert Downey, Jr. didnt potray the real Holmes. i thought Downey was quite cool and eccentric,like Holmes.

so,i wonder,what kind of guy Sherlock is? how did Sir Arthur describe him?

and thats when i bought this.

mind you,Sir Arthur himself help two cases of injustice,using his own detective work to prove that they are innocent. great guy.


Othman Juliana said...

i thought i've told you dik-robert downey was great in that movie though he will never can be fit with the real sherlock holmes. bukan bayan pun ada ckp ke? guess our books of holmes dah kena buang by kak yu time pindah dr serdang dulu (well, she get rid almost more then 100 books!). yang pap beli dulu tu rasanya bought in London. huhu~

azyan azilah said...

rugi rugi!!!!
npe xbagi kat adek..
siyezly,tak penah kowt baca cite sherlock holmes. xpela. this one is volume one. next time when im done with this,i'll buy the volume 2.

p/s: tebal kowt volume 1 ni. hahaha

signisafwa said...

oh cool..nk bc gak..tp buku aku yg satu ni tak khatam2 lg..haha sherlock holmes yg aku pnh bace was in Malay. Best gak..

azyan azilah said...

buku ko yg satu ni? buku apakah itu? share share. haha

Othman Juliana said...

bagu kt adik? haha~ time tu nobody care. mak, atam, angah pilih2 pinggan mangkuk mama je. i was the one who tried to hvae it all tp biasa la kan, kuasa sape yg lebihbesar. papa pun diam je~ *papa malas kot nk bising2. best part byk gile buku papa yg bli kat obersea yg dh x kuar dh skang pun kena buang!! geram gk!!!

signisafwa said...

ade la buku ni called 'The Gargoyle' then dpn dia tulis Love is as strong as death, as hard as hell. Susah sikit buku ni sbb bahasa die tinggi sikit dr novel biase..kalau crime tu aku cpt je khatam..few days da ley habis..ni dah bape bulan pun xhabis..hahah..