Dec 5, 2009


i went to pc fair yesterday, with kat and ctea and hana. i didnt buy anything, but i went to kinokuniya to buy some books. there were thousand of books there.

but,the main problem was,i couldnt find anything in particular. i mean,there were so many books that seems interesting but i didnt know what to choose,and which to buy. could you guys could tell/suggest me some really good book for read?

p/s : it seems like comic-book-era for me is almost over. i'm starting my English novel collection. *wide grin*

p/s/s : eventually i bought -the alchemist by Paul Coelho. the books is interesting. cant wait to see the ending.

p/s/s/s : on my way back,i saw lots of people reading in putra. i love to see that our people finally understand the benefit of reading,instead of babbling about stupid things.


Nea said...

oh, i've read the alchemist. paulo coelho is philosophical.
1 of my fav authors.
ak ade a few jugak bku die.

azam adnan said...

eh ngumpat lagi best laa esp kat dlm lrt..haha..

azyan azilah said...

nadea : tula. mcm best je. hehe ko takde buku best2 ke nk suggest kat aku? penin tgk buku byk sgt. hehe

azam : ngumpat best bile2. haha

Iezati Najlaa said...
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Iezati Najlaa said...

suggestion; try james patterson's books, kalau more into thriller genre la. he's great.

azam adnan said...

haha.alaa baca buku chic lit sudeyh.little black dress book tu byk jew..murah2 lak 2.hehe.takpon sophie kinsella..nadea giler btol buku2 sophie ni.but klu ko rasa chic lit is sooo yesterday n shallow bg ko n nk citer sedey+drama+life lesson amik jodi picoult..klu ko minat sejarah+fiction cm aku (wich aku rasa takpon n tidak akn terjadi) ko baca dan brown n steve berry..klu ko nk baca pasal middle-east punya women oppression ko baca jean sasson..klu ko nk baca pasal inequality fiction dlm dunia middle east ko try khaled hosseini..

azyan azilah said...

mc : james patterson? ok,nnt beli. sam's letter to jennifer to seems quite nice. hehe

azam : chick lit ok gak. but which one? tp bosan gak kalo bc love story je. hehe i think i'm more into the story bout life lesson + drama kind of thing. like 'slumdog millionaire by vikas swarup'. heee.
thanz anyway azam 4 ur suggestion. nnt aku tgk. huhu

Darus Interferon said...

wooha...lepas baca ni try veronica decides to die by Coelho...lagi best!