Nov 20, 2009

sweet smell

Falling in love and not falling in love.

Oh, what love ever does to you?

He got you high and you don’t ever see it.

He got you smile but you just keep deny it.

He got you cry but you don’t really know it.

What has this strange word keeps making us do?

Keep searching for it but it was just right in front of you.

You keep it hide but you just wanted to feel it.

It has bitter taste but still smell sweet.

It lingers in our hearts for weeks.

You longed for it because you couldn’t help it.

How it plays with your heart,

And strayed away from your thoughts.

Oh love.

How I wish that sweet smell will never fades away.

20 nov 09

5.15 a.m

*i adore 500 days of summer. sweet and full of pain. love the songs.


azam adnan said...

ko tgk katner 500 days of summer?nk tgk gak!

azyan azilah said...

abg aku download. heh
zooey sgt sweet and cute. dan lagu dlm tu sgt haunted.

atOn said...

yan!!!! ^_^
komen ar muke baru org..
komen je tao..
xleh gelak..

kAy's said...

so sweet!!