Sep 24, 2009


i just having fun cooking my dad's dinner just now. to tell you the truth,i never saw abah cooks anywhere. but still,hari ni mak kat kampung. well,its too obvious she was having fun being there since she got so fed up with all the works at home. but abah gotta work today and yesterday,so i went home with him.

honestly,i was hopeless in cooking. seriously. aku ada lah anak yg paling bongsu kat umah ni,so aku quite lazy to do cooking stuff. sangat2 tak pandai. so,semalam,abah berbuka dengan hidangan dari kak nona. coz i went out with my frens from kmk. seb bek kak nona ada. today,i thought dad was gonna eat out,so i was relaxing in front of this damn comp that got me addicted. tbe2 lak abah kuarkan bawang and kacang pnjg from freezer. aik,xkan abah nk masak kowt? ah sudah. dengan xrela hati aku turun dan tolong abah. haha. dalam hati ngomel gak ah,npe la abah xmakan luar je... see,how lazy i am when i got back? but aku still help abah la.

its weird you see, when 2 hopelessly, clueeless people trying to cook. so funny. i tried recall how moms cook,but i dont think i can remember. (cz i was such a lazy butt!) but still,kitorg dapat gak buat daging masak black pepper kicap dgn sayur goreng. haha abah keeps saying "ape la rasa masakan adek ni..", and "mak mesti gelak kalo dapat tau ni.." eh abah,jangan la gtau mak. kompom mak cite kat makcik2 di kmpg sana. malu la saya.

so safwa,after all the hard work my dad and me put,i still find cooking isnt as interesting as u thought. i still prefer watching other people cook in their all-perfect kitchen,and their perfectly square-cutting-potatoes and dream of making the exact same kitchen one day. cooking is such a hard work. trust me,i know. but,i admit it, hasilnye mesti seronok. sebab memasak ni sama (lebey kurangla~) dgn men piano. haha now this is funny. mula,mmg kena belajar macam mana nak men piano. bile dah expert,kita dah boleh bermain sendiri,tanpa bantuan notes. kan? so,hows you guys experience in cooking?

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signisafwa said...

maybe it's not your time yet..minat ko blm sampai lg kot.hehe.