Sep 24, 2009


aku terasa macam nk wat tagged. coz bosan kan. haha


And your name is?
azyan azilah bt halimi

How many years are you?

Girl or Boy?
i'm a perfectly healthy teenage girl.

The height from your head to your feet?
xtau la. dah kire tp xingat.

What is your heritage?

my comic books.

Whats your zodiac sign?
aries,coz i was born in april 3rd.

Shoe size?
7. aku bukan kaki sampan.

Pants size?

Where were you born?
atas katil

What hospital?


Are you in a relationship?
of course.

Ever been dumped?
thats a very sensitive q.

Do you believe in true love?

What is love?
if you love someone,u'll let him/her go.

Do you love anyone?

Which of your exs are you still friends with?
i got only one ex,and he's still a friend of mine

Would you get back with any of your exs?

Did your exs do drugs or drink?
not to both.

Who are you dating now? (If anyone)
muhammad fairus bin basril

How long have you been dating?
please check the next box ---->


Who was your last kiss?

Who did you last hug?

Who did you last yell at?
kat nabilah. (this all happens when i'm at benta)

Who did you last tell I love you too?
him,of course.

Who was the last one to tell you they loved you?
him also. and that was a few days before.

What was the last thing you said?
"tlg belikan adek prepaid topup!"

When did you last take a shower?
not yet. heh~

Who did you last think about?
hurm,i cant recall.


What shirt are you wearing?
baju ijau. just for at home.

Are you listening to music?

Do you like lead pencils or mechanical pencils?
lead i think. coz lagi sonok tok conteng.

Do you prefer desktop computers or laptops?
laptop. but i never had one. i'm using my sister's.

Do you think you could live without a cell phone?
no. hehe

Do you exercise?
sumtimes. aku skunk baru nk belajar berenang. nk kurus beb!

Are you street smart?
you could say that.

What is/was your favorite class in school?
pyschology,but i never had one.

What do you plan on doing in the next year?
belajar lagi la sayang.

Do you want to get married?
yes. fast. hahaha

Where do you want to be proposed?
anywhere,but he gotta think of something romantic.

Want kids? If so..How many?
yes. 4 kowt. just like my family.

Where would you like to raise a family??
i'm not sure yet.

Who do you love?
family,him,and friends.

How often are you on the computer?
i'm like addicted to it.

Have you mooned or flashed anyone?
no la~ crazy what?

What was your favorite camping experience?
too many. can't remmber lorh.

Do you laugh at just about anything?
yes and no. i was like,having the other side of me you know.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

i can remember anything that i saw/read even in a split second. that way i could score.

I want to:
have my own car.

I should be:

a girl that my mom proud of. but i dont.

I wonder:
why i'm not like other people?

Do you think:
people just dont know the real me.

Nobody knows that:
i not as good as they think.

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