May 24, 2009

kne tagged dgn nadea

What is your nickname?
:: yan,yan yilah (kmk only),adek,ila (wan only).. haha

Your mum calls you by this name…
:: adek

You are closer to your mother or father?
:: depends.. sometimes,neither

Your siblings calls you by this name…
:: adek yg cute.. (ok,cute hanya dlm imaginasi aku je.. haha)

You have someone special (bf/gf) in your heart.(Y/N)
:: positive!

List down 3 of your good behaviors.
i. very straight forward
ii. pursuing people (haha!)
iii. crack a joke

List down 3 of your bad behaviors.
i. lazy
ii. kuat menangguh
iii. boros

What is your favourite past times? Give 2.
i. being at room 37, floor 2 cluster b1 kmk
ii.spending times with a bunch of good friends

Your favourite colours are? Give 5.
i. purple
ii. blue
iii. green
iv. black
v. red

Song of your life is?

:: one song stuck in my brains' cell.. got nothing to do with my life motto or watever but i love this song so much.. ''more than words'' by westlife

Name one person you admire the most.
:: my dad

The worst word/phrase cursed by you.

Who is the one you miss the most now?
:: yus

Who is the one who ignores you most of the time?
:: cant tell

Who is the one who always keep you company?
:: yus, and most of my comic books. gee,im a geek. remember?

Name the model of your phone.
:: sony ericsson w850i

Name the model of your laptop.
:: dun have one.. wish to have a compact.. cool wat..

Name one person you hate the most.
:: cant think of any.. maybe

Name the person you love the most.
:: yus. kindda my world evolves around him huh?

The situation you hate the most.
:: when people are yelling at each other and i have to be there to listen. jengkel gile.

One word describing yourself.
:: azyan. it totally describe me rite?

What are you thinking now?
:: exhausted from work just now

Classifies your friends as follows. - this part is soo hard for me-
clever : aiman,dilla
naughty : ctea,wan ragamuffin
hardworking : kat
funny : ctea again
sweet : ida tengku
unpredictable : ryu (u are!)
mysterious : sue, am
kind : zul,wani klate
caring : yus?
handsome : amad maket,
beautiful : ntahla..
cute : ida baby
wild : nobody o.t.t for me
big : nobody can top shahrul so far.. haha
small : wanie kecik

If you’re asked to shout,what will it be?
:: aarrggghhhh!! hehe

Repost this entry with answer of question above,tag n stab!

I- safwa

II- zul

III- ryu amakusa

IV- abg alan


signisafwa said...

waduh..tulisannya halus bangat..hampir enggak bisa dibaca dong..haha

azyan azilah said...

owh,silap la tu..
aku repair jap kay??