Sep 30, 2010


while blog-walking, i stumbled upon some cool and fashionable women i've ever met (in online,of course silly.)

These blogger are the women whose are not afraid to express themselves in their rocking outfits. They have like, the coolest wardrobe ever! Some of them are not in Malaysia but it doesn't really matter as we all are sisters in Islam right? okey now i sound so funny (=.=").

Most of the women i saw (that is including me), they wore something that are too safe. Safe is good really, but all of us want to be a little flashy and extravagant huh?

Apa yang buat saya kagum sangat ni, mereka semua nampak hebat dan yakin gile. Sangat-sangat confident dalam apa saja yang mereka pakai. All of them are too cute and have heels to die for. Gosh, rasa macam nak curi je semua kasut-kasut mereka. Tolonglah!

1st Lady:

Her name is Hainaa. She loves wearing abaya (or what we called jubah in here heh) and she's working it! She has this funky style and she often posts about other blogs which is equally as cool as her's. And that's where i found...

2nd Lady :

i love this!! do want.

Seyma is a Turkish and lives in Melbourne, which has an awesome taste in fashion.

3rd Lady :

Ahh.. She is my favourite lady of all. She's Shea, a graduate from UTM. She is truly amazing and she's just 22. Who knows living in Malaysia could be this much fun! A DSLR lover and suprisingly, she made her own clothes. Now i got new style icon. LOL

nak heels ni!!

what she wore on Hari Raya.

semua fashionistah ni buat saya nak cuba untuk menggayakan baju-baju yang tercampak (tercampak?? penggunaan ayat apa kau ni yan??) dalam wardrobe itu. maybe tidak banyak baju kan, tapi kena belajar untuk match kan mereka semua. dan owh, siaplah kalau dah kerja nanti. abes semua heels saya nak beli. GOSH.

banyak lagi sebenarnya wanita yang gila hebat bergaya di luar sana. tell me, do you have any internet - idols that you worshiped?


Ainu Shazwani said...

i like the first lady.
never thought that they could be so fashionable in hijab.
uh uh love it.

azyan azilah said...

see? ramai lagi yang hebat yang kita tak tahu. saya nak belajar jadi fashionable cam2 la. and did you looked at their shoes?? argh!!!

merahjamboo said...

love these ppl n luv this entry!!!am a fan of shea too tp tk pnah come across yg lain2 tu lg,sekarang juga gi skodenghee.nice blog;)


LinaRahim said...

suka juga pada Irine Nadia, Shazwani Hamid, Fatin Liyana..

intan payung said...

each time i had no idea on what to wear, i'll drop by to shea's blog to have some idea what to wear.. shes really a source of inspiration! =)

azyan azilah said...

merahjamboo : kan kan? semua nya hebat2. dan kalau nak blog-walking lagi, kat Hainaa punya blog banyak cerita pasal other fashionistah women yang equally cool as hers. do check her blog out. :)

lina rahim : really? sekarang jugak pergi cari. teehee~ thanks for the info.

intan payung : she is isn't she? terasa sangat inspired dan terdorong (gee~~ skemanya ayat) tok buat pembaharuan dalam baju2 bila tengok style Shea. heee~

Anonymous said...

u try blog fatin liyana plak...i like her style so much http//

yuyu said...

baju2 dorang pakai terutama shea byk kat oldblossom box store sek13 shah alam.sebelah ptpl.hehehe...:)aku suke gak..

azyan azilah said...

aku tau old blossom box yuyu,tapi xpenah pergi. macam best je. kalau aku pegi ni mau berabes banyak ni. haha

nisanichan said...

i read their blogs too :D they are so beautiful, right ? love it!

azyan azilah said...

totally nisa ni-chan! :)

Nisa' Azman said...

I'm proud to have Shea as my fren! She's been fashonable n creative since in skool tau!! ^_^

za zalea said...

try nurulcakapcakap and Hana Tajima


azyan azilah said...

@nisa azman : shea is ur friend? cool. wish to have friends like that too. :)

@za zalea : dah jumpa nurulcakapcakap. she's cool!.