Sep 21, 2010

c'est la vie

lately i've been emotional and depressed. people may not see it from the outside, but yes, i do feel the pressure myself. semua orang rasa macam tu kan lepas balik raya? heh

maybe its hormonal.
or maybe its from the workload that has been pressing my shoulder which made me kindda like Quasimodo.
or maybe its my butt which has been particularly larger than before Raya or puasa.


i'm just writing this for the sake of writing. been having writer's block which is affecting my BEL presentation.

but,what the hell. its got nothing to do with you guys anyway.

sebab masih dalam bulan Syawal, maka aku rasa obligated jugakla untuk mengucapkan Happy Eid. untuk sesiapa yang tak dapat mesej dari aku, aku minta maaf zahir batin.

p/s : c'est la vie = that's life.


FakirFikir said...

depress? maybe due to previous entry.

azyan azilah said...

maybe. but being depressed does brought some good. coz it push me harder, push me to think. so ya. maybe it's not that bad. but i'm okey now. thanks. :)