Jan 27, 2013

One day

One day, you'll meet someone.

Someone who saw you in every way possible.
Your bad, your good.
How you eat, how you chew.
How you smile, how fake is your smile.
How ugly your face is when you cry.
How lazy you are. How diligent you are.

How you continue being obsessed with weird stuffs,
like Arashi, and comic books, and sushi.
How you can be so hyper at times,
and it makes you dance weirdly.
How cranky you can be when you're tired,
How you can be so absorbed in one thing,
like reading books or comics,
and how he understands that and gave you your time.
How he knows what makes you happy,
by buying you foods,
and listen to your rambling
even though it makes no sense.

How perfectly he can understand that while skyping,
you were not focused on him
but reading manga online instead.
Despite all that, he always laugh and asked you to continue reading.
And how those moments were so vividly clear in your mind
make you miss him so much.

And after everything that happened, he will still love you.

Can't believe it's already 6 years of happiness.
And everyday made me love you more and more.

Happy 6th anniversary dear.
Be safe out there. 

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