Nov 11, 2011

obsession & life

Everybody that knows me knew that I'm super crazy and obsessed with manga. If you didn't know what is manga, then maybe you're reading the wrong blog. Go find it out in wikipedia. Well recently I'm in a holiday, still am but somehow not feeling it, so I wipe off some dust and clean my book shelf. I was so proud of my collections that I just had to show it (and bragging about it a little) to you guys. hey I almost perfected my Hajime Kindaichi collections. That is something that is worth celebrating for right? Right? *okey forget it*

So my primary bookshelf is this black one. My mother used to hates it when I bought comic books, and she will throw it away once she saw it. So I secretly bought it and put it in boxes. But boxes will never be enough. My mom knew bout this so she decided to buy me this super awesome bookshelf. Yeah my mom is awesome that way.

And so i stuffed the first shelf with novels, FIXI books and Death Note.

The second and third with shoujo from Gempakstarz. 
I've always bought them in highschool and when I'm at Changlun 
but now i'm just too shy to buy this.

The second bookshelf is being hung high at my bedroom wall. My brother initially wanted to throw away these used cabinet but my dad insisted it still can be used as my bookshelf.


my mother throw away some on my Conan collections. 
I was so devastated I never bought new ones. 
Plus I've started to collect One Piece, Bakuman and 
Kimi No Todoke so I don't mind much.

THIS. THIS. THIS. can I even say anything to an awesome collection like this? From the top, Sekolah Detective Q, then Penyiasat Remaja Hajime Kindaichi, then Kes Hajime Kindaichi, Cabaran Hajime Kindaichi, and the latest was single case file of Hajime Kindaichi. He's so popular and awesome, the author just had to publish his case more and more. No complaints there.

And after all of them being nicely put I have no more space left. Plus I just bought Gensomaden Saiyuki at The Big Bad Wolf recently I didn't know where to put my next manga. I can't wait to have my own house and build small library so that I can put all of my books, novels and mangas there. Plus i love to buy magazines too so I honestly need a bigger shelf than this. What i show you does not include my collections of magazines and novels. So sister, get married fast so I can have my room all by myself! haha okey kejam. (^^,)


Ndeyla :) said...

bestnye...... dulu org kumpul waktu sekolah rendah, conan, doraemon, shin chan.... lepaas tu naik sekolah menengah, ibu buang semua. sampai sekarang dah lupakan minat tu. T___T

azam baizen said...


Ainu Shazwani said...

ehem3..buku dia bukaaan main lagi susun. was2 ni,adakah keadaan bilik tersusun seperti buku2 tersebut?lmao

specsy said...

kau boleh bukak library komik lah yannnnn

azyan azilah said...

Ndeyla : ruginyeee. kalau Yan kumpul balik semua tu. rugi sangat2. masa ni la tgh semangat kumpul balik komik. kang dah tak publish balik rugi la plak. hihi

Azam : one step towards library in my own home. awesome kan!

Ryu : jeles jeles jeles

Sirr said...

gila AWESOMEEEEEEEEE la yan!!!!!!!!!!!!

aku nak jerit je ni!!!

esp. yang CONAN, DEATH NOTE tuu....

(jeles bebenor ni)

azyan azilah said...

muahahahahha itu je yg mampu aku cakap. berkat usaha dan tak pernah kenal erti lelah, aku berjaya gak kumpulkan Hajime Kindaichi. huhuu

zulaikha said...

aku pun ada niat nak buat mini library kat rumah. tapi setakat ni baru 2 kotak A4 je yang ada. err.. rasanya dah masuk kotak ke 3..1 kotak untuk novel, 1 kotak untuk buku2 agak ilmiah + motivasi dll, 1 lagi untuk novel BI. Jangan terkejut dengan ayt last tu.. aku dapat semangat sejak pegi maeps hari tu. hehe...

azyan azilah said...

good for you. nanti tahun depan kita pergi BBW sama2 lagi k. haha thun depan sediakan bujet lagi besar n kita pergi lagi awal. yay!