Oct 12, 2011

If i love to drink coffee, does that make me an adrenaline junkie?

I just had to go crazy last Friday. I spend so much on books at The Wolf Sale. That officially made me broke.  But still, I was satisfied. At least I was spending it on something that I love. Almost 90% of my money went to food. It was delicious, the experience was amazing but after done eating, that was it. The end. No more continuation after. Not much memory, unless if you took a picture of it of course. 

My priority list of spending money is like this :

Top priority and lust : Comic. Do I even have to explain this?

Second : Food. All kinds of food. Cakes, biscuits, rice. Everything. I love them all. I’ve spend hundreds on a single tab. Never regret it once.

Third : magazines. Almost 90% of the mags in my home is bought by me.

Forth : Shoes.

oh yes this is what i bought at The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.

And this is what i bought from Fixi Online Store, except for JERAT.

Haish entah bila nak habis baca semua ni. I got tons of work to do including final year project proposal, with surveying and please don't forget other subjects need my attention too. I'm already in the verge of death. Kill me now. 

p/s : the title has nothing to do with my post here. Saja.

p/p/s : walaupun beli banyak gila buku tapi book wish list kat tepi blog ni masih tidak dapat dipenuhi. ada sesiapa yang baik hati mahu hadiahkan?


idea semulajadi said...

bila da baca entry nie sampai habis,
terbaca je ayt akhir:
"oh yeah, pe tjuk entry nie td?"
then scroll balik ke ats n bce tjuk,
i was like:
"erk?? o_0 ??"

1st priority kite dlm spending money - food.
and yup, never ever regret it even if its expensive (ala~ bukan slalu pun mkn mewah kn~)

azyan azilah said...

ahaha memang la tak kaitan langsung title dgn isi. haha

atas sebab bukan selalu makan mewah tu la sekali dah makan mewah terus jatuh bankrupt untuk berhari-hari. haha

Anonymous said...

hahaha. aku x kisah sgt pesta buku ni, tp klu ade pesta makan mmg xsah klu aku x g. xpn klu x dpt g mesti aku meroyan gle!! hahaha

azyan azilah said...

cheh perlu ke nak meroyan pesta makan? kau memang trah! hahaha