Jul 14, 2009

my first week in uitm

my first week at uitm. how would i describe it? it was fun,as some of my old friends was here too. i do enjoy their company. and new friends too. as i was saying before,there were thousands of stairs to climb,almost every single seconds. but its okey. i'm going to adapt to it soon. don't mind bout my babbling here.

being here its like opening my eyes to a whole new world. i know it sound cliche and cheesy and all that, but yes,that's what i felt. i learn to experience a whole new meaning of friendship. i learn that some things are meant to be. i may doesnt like being here, may felt that i should deserve another chance of being in other fac,which what i really wanted at first. i learn that you shouldnt look down on someone/something which you dont even really know about. we are all the same. learning new things is fine. nothing wrong with that. but peoples' mind set are some times hard to change. we could just accept it, and just be true to ourselves.

as time ticking,everythings will change. i hope within time, no one else will be hurt by my acts nor words. i'm nobody,i know. but i really hope that i will be someone who made my family proud. please god. keep my feet on the ground. thank you.

p/s : this is an assignment for me to complete. i need to create a blog (which i did way back then) and make an essay for my first week in uitm. no idea at all. sorry madam. it may sound a lil unformal,but thats the best that i can think, right now. anyway, i still couldnt explain to you guys bout my fac n my subject yet. wait till i get the pic even more clearer. kay?

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